Sunday, March 25, 2012

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday's Rides!!

Pictures I took on Tuesday!

Tuesday: Sharon wasn't feeling well and Sarah (my cousin) and I did our own stuff. She wanted to work with Misha (her two year old colt) and I wanted to work with my girls. So I saddled up Daisy in her western saddle (which I haven't done in who knows how long) and rode her around the house a bit in the snaffle bit. Then I took her in the meadow. My goal was to work on her not to trot unless asked to. She is awesome as far as being in front of my leg and all but she can be TOO much so sometimes. I wanted her to walk nicely for a nice distance without trotting unless I asked her to do so. She wanted to trot so one thing I did was as soon as she broke into a trot I just made her canter a bit then turned her sharply. We also worked on stopping a bit to. The one time I asked her to stop and she decided to just run thru my hands and since we were almost at the end of the fence line I just let the fence stop her. Her brakes came on quite well then. I thought it was quite funny. I worked her for about 45 minutes. She did awesome because by the end I asked her to walk nicely then stop at a certain point and she did exactly what I wanted. She can be so stubborn sometimes...she wouldn't be her without that though..LOL. I hosed Daisy off and then put her away. I didn't really do anything with Shasta all except love on her a bit!!

Wednesday: I rode over to the farrier with Andrea (she owns Sweet Pea, Flicka and Acorn). She needed to take Sweet Pea and Flicka so I rode Misty and went along with her. It was quite fun and relaxing. When I got back my cousin MaryRose wasn't at Sharon's yet but by the time I put Misty away she got there. We went for a quick spin up around Fairmount Homes and came back. I rode Shasta in the bitless bridle...that didn't go to well.  She did ok with it but I think she just plain does better with a snaffle or something like that. When we got back I hosed her off and put her away and loved on Daisy a bit!

Friday: Sharon still wasn't feeling well so I was at Sharon's by myself the whole evening which didn't bother me in the least. First I helped Josh (one of my other cousins) hose off the horses he had used for a ride that Sharon had come because he needed to leave. So when I was done with hosing them off I went and got ready to ride Shasta. She seemed to walk funny when I was leading her out to the meadow to ride her and then when I got on and walked a bit she just seemed all the more off so I called Sharon and asked her what she thought might be up (she was in the house). She said Shasta had stepped on herself and likely bruised herself so I looked where Sharon said she had and yup sure enough she had a sore there. So I don't know when I will get to ride her again..probably this week..we shall see. So since I didn't get to work with her I figured I will get Daisy out and see how she does after her work session on Tuesday. Before I got Daisy out though I gave Shasta a nice good bath. She looked SOOOO BEAUTIFUL afterwards. So as Shasta was drying I got Daisy out and put the stirrups on her and we went to work in the meadow.
Now remember how forward she was on Tuesday? Well that flew out the window or something because she usually wants to go right away and all but she was totally fine with walking. I was impressed. Then I set up the pole bending poles Sharon has in the meadow and I got Daisy to walk thru them. She was like this is easy and very boring. We did that two or three times. I was like ok you think this is boring lets try trotting thru them. I didn't even have to direct her at all she just went thru them like she had been doing it every day of her life. It was so funny. I praised her for doing so well. We also worked on stopping and she did the best she has done in a while. I was so pleased with her! She can sure do really well when she wants too!! HEHE! Gotta love them. I put her stuff away and gave her a good bath as well. While Daisy was drying I took some pics of Shasta then put her away. I let Daisy eat grass as she dried then I went in and was talking to Sharon till Daisy dried. When she dried I put her away and headed home! It was a good day with my girls!!

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