Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Monday's Groundwork!!

Last evening (Monday) I was at Sharon again (no more chorus practice Mondays anymore ;). Sharon had taken a horse to the farrier so I was there by myself at first. I decided to do just some groundwork with Daisy. First I got her to walk nicely beside me (and we hadn't done any roundpenning or anything like that). She did well with that but she kept thinking she could eat grass and I let her know that that was a no no. We went in circles both to the left and right and we even trotted a bit all with me having a very loose hold on the rope (I wouldn't of had the rope but I knew she just thought she had to have grass so I figured she would be more focused with the rope on her halter). After we trotted around a bit I took her out to close to the end of the driveway and asked her to stand still while I walk away. I told her WHOA and walked away. She looked at me like "why do I have to stand here?". My goal was to walk in a wide circle the whole way around her. I was at her side when she decided to take a step forward. I made her back up then said WHOA then walked the whole way around her. She stood so nicely although you could tell she wanted to go somewhere ;) Then I told her she may come to me and she did. I just really liked that! After that I got this idea lets get her to say yes (by using a pin/nail or something to touch the front of her chest to get her head to come down to say yes :) She at first thought I meant to back so she backed up but she did it twice for me. :) I was proud of her. The last thing I did with her was lay her down (The last time I did it was the 2nd time I ever did it (March 30th) (the first time was a year ago) so this would have been the third time. She did very well. She ate grass for a bit then got up ;) I hosed her off since it was quite warm yesterday and then I went to Shasta. I didn't do anything with her because I was going on a ride with a group of friends. I went in to her (she is with 4 horses during the day then by herself at night). The first time I went in to her she went and hid behind the other horses THEN came to me. I praised her and loved on her then I started to walk away and she followed me so I stopped AND SHE BUMPED ME WITH HER NOSE ON PURPOSE. You gotta know Shasta to see why this is a big deal. Every other time she bumped me or touched me when joining up it is when I offered my hand or put some part of my body out farther so she knows to touch me before I touch her. THIS TIME we didn't even do any join up or anything and she voluntarily touches me. I praised her and loved on her all the more. It was so special. Then later when I went in to her she came right to me didn't even think of going to the other horses and that is a first. I felt so happy!! :) Anyway that was my evening!!
As of now no foal yet..SOON I hope :)

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