Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tuesday's Rides!!

I rode Daisy this evening. We just walked until the very end :) I cantered just a bit with her. I rode her with the hackamore and she did very well. She wanted to walk and she was quite happy the whole time. I was pleased with how she did. I groomed her good then put her away! No baby yet but it wouldn't surprise me if it is soon (hehe hope so anyway).
When we got back I put the snaffle bit on Shasta and we rode around the meadow a little bit and since she did so well with that I decided to take her out on the trails by herself. We cantered out the back field and up the field lane then turned around and she walked quite nicely for me. She wanted to prance right before we turn to head back to Sharon but I just stopped her and turned her in circles until she was willing to walk up toward home. Then she walked nicely that whole stretch. So since she did so well I asked her to canter and then when I asked her to slow down she did very nicely. I was quite amazed..that was the best she ever did with the snaffle. When we got back I brushed her and put her away and loved on her a bit. Oh just a bit on when I went to get her before the ride..she came right to me..I was so pleased. Like I said you have to know Shasta and how she was..she never used to do that..she always hid behind the other horses. I am so happy with her progress!!

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