Saturday, April 28, 2012

Saturday's Ride and Naming Daisy's Baby!!

First things first..Daisy's Lil Guy's name is Spring's Freedom. I like the name Freedom because it so fits him and his personality. He loves to be independent, feisty, and so full of life :) Also it fits with his flag marking on his right side on his neck :) I will be calling him Freedom though. As for weather I am selling him or not I don't know that yet :)

Today (Saturday 4.28.12) a group of 11 people and horses (including Shasta and I went to Brickerville. We arrived there around 11:00 a.m. It is a nice place to ride and we do mostly walking with some cantering so it was a perfect ride for a pregnant mare. It was about 3 hours long with a good amount of time sitting at an area with grass so the horses could eat and we got to eat our lunch as well :) Then we headed back to the trailer after lunch. We loaded the horses up and headed back to Sharon. Overall it was an awesome time. Shasta did well and I even rode her in a snaffle bit (I had done that about two times but this was the first time riding her with a big group like that).When we got back I unsaddled Shasta and brushed her. I then cleaned out her stall so I could put her in there (she is in the main ring with other horses during the day which is nice for her). I also cleaned out Daisy's corral.

Then I got to play with Freedom a bit. I rubbed him all over and of course I was messing with his legs. He didn't usually mind me touching his back legs and picking them up but today he was kicking at me and he figured out that once he stops kicking then he gets to stand still without being touched :) Freedom is one smart guy :) I really love having him!!Anyway enough of that!! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!

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