Friday, April 27, 2012

♥ Friday Misc. ♥

pic taken 4.27.12

Friday: Today I got off from work early :) We did some odds and ends around the barn (Sharon, Abby, and my cousin Josh) then Sharon, Josh and I went to Weaver Aucker (he is a harness maker) to get some saddles fixed. My breaststrap rings on my english saddle had tore out so I took that to get fixed. I also got some other things fixed. When we got back I was messing with the Lil Guy (hehe temporary name..I think I might have a name picked out but we shall see). I put the halter on him again and was working a bit with leading and he did pretty good with that. But before I did either of those things I was just touching him all over and loving on him and hugging him. I found out that he loves his neck scratched but doesn't like his belly touched so much. We worked on that though. I also got him to pick his two front feet up as well. He is just so cute, independent, full of life and feisty!! :) After supper Earl Dean took two riders on a ride and while he did that Sharon was messing with Harry and I was messing with Lil Guy again. I groomed Daisy a bit and Lil Guy was just standing there eating and watching me..I even ran the soft bristled brush over him :) I wanted to walk Daisy a bit so I decided to hop on her bareback and walk her around the meadow along with her baby. We walked for about 10 or so minutes and then I let her eat grass. Her baby was running around and being quite the energetic little guy :) Too cute!! While they were out I got Shasta out and groomed her. She then got the chance to eat grass too while I fed everyone outside and Shasta their grain and hay in their paddocks and stalls :) Then I tucked them in and headed for home. Tomorrow we are going to be going on a 3 hour ride and I am taking Shasta. She is good shape and feels real good :) Can't wait till she has her baby though. I think after tomorrow though her work will be cut back just like I did with Daisy..still will make sure she get exercise just light exercise :) Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!

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