Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thursday's Ride with Daisy and Freedom!!

When I first got to Sharon I took a nap. I thought to take the camera along today and am hoping to get some pics up tonight yet. I got some pics of both Freedom and Daisy and Shasta and her baby. I also got some of them all together. I loved on Shasta a bit as well as her baby. He is so calm and laid back than Freedom was but I wonder if he won't get a bit more feisty as time goes on..We shall see I guess!!

Today I took Freedom on another ride (a bit longer than Tuesday's ride). This time though instead of just letting him run alongside I decided to halter him and pony him for the fist time. He did wonderfully well. A few times at first he lagged behind and tried to just pull on the rope but the horses that came along behind made it so he wanted to follow. I was quite pleased with the progress he has made especially with not really working on leading that much. I do try to do something with him every day even if it isn't long. He was a month old yesterday :) Freedom is quite tame and he is starting to just come up to me without me having to go to him first. Today he was laying down in the meadow and I went out to get Daisy and him and he let me come up to him without getting up. I was so happy about that!! Anyway back to the ride. Sharon rode Bean and Sarah rode Lightning and MaryRose rode Curly which made it that both Freedom's parents were along (since I rode Daisy). When we got back since it was so warm I hosed both Freedom and Daisy off. I kissed both girls goodbye and headed home!

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