Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Another Boy (Shasta's Baby) and a Ride on Curly!!

Half Brothers

Today I got to Sharon and after my nap, Andrea (on Sweet Pea), Sharon on Harry and me on Curly while ponying Sugarfoot. We went over to the farrier to get Sugarfoot (he is a yearling) feet done and Harry's fronts. While over there Sharon's neighbor called and said hey the white horse in the meadow is bloody. Sharon was like whats up? Then he was like does she have a baby and Sharon was like Shasta had her baby!! So as soon as the farrier was done with Harry and Sugarfoot we headed home. I so couldn't wait to get home. Curly did well the whole time :) When we got back I put Curly away first then went out to see the baby. Both Shasta and the baby (which we saw was a boy) were fine. We brought them in and put them in a stall (first I cleaned Shasta up though!!). Then I put iodine on his navel and touched him all over a bit. It was going to poar down rain so I quickly gave Daisy her grain and Shasta hers and loved on them and headed out. Tomorrow I plan to get some more pics of Freedom and Daisy and of course Shasta and her baby. I have some names in mind already but I want to spend some time with him more as well as check him out a bit more!! Hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week!!

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