Friday, May 11, 2012


Today I rode Harry and Bean. We went over to Riley's house to ride back with him and his brother Trevor to Sharon's house (it was Sharon, Alta, and my cousin Josh who went over to meet them). I rode Harry on the way over and then on the way back to Sharon I rode Bean. When we got back I first did some free lunging. I wanted to work on Daisy doing some nice turns when I ask her to change directions. She did very well with that even with Freedom calling for her and everything. Daisy focused on me and even followed me. Then I put her back out with Freedom and got Shasta. I worked with Shasta a bit on lunging but mainly got her to stand facing me without going anywhere till I tell her. I was impressed with how she did that. I brushed her and put her out in her paddock again too.
After I worked with both my girls I cleaned out Daisy's water tub and cleaned up piles. After I ate some supper then I got Freedom out and let Daisy in the corral. He follows so nice. I haven't worked that terribly much on leadin and putting the halter on but he did amazing!! He follows without thinking. So I took him over to where I have my grooming stuff and I groomed him. He was wiggling around and kicked at the brush a few times but he did great. I was so pleased. Then we went for a little walk which are what the pics are from. He didn't stand so well so I didn't get many nice pics but I was pleased with the ones I did get! After being out a bit I put him back in with Daisy and said bye to her and to Freedom and Shasta then headed home. It was quite the nice day with my horses :)


  1. Freedom is adorable, I never knew Daisy was pregnant until I read that she had a foal.
    Just one question - Why on earth were you riding Daisy till so late in her pregnancy? and why are you riding her so soon afterwards??

  2. Because there is nothing wrong with riding her so late or so soon after her pregnancy. I have done research and talked to my vet and it is good for the baby (he or she will be stronger) for the mare to be ridden pretty much up to when the baby is born. As for riding her afterwards I gave her time off and then slowly got her into riding again :) So it is up to each person how they do things!