Thursday, May 10, 2012


First thing I did today when I got to Sharon was take a nap :) Afterwards I saddled Daisy up in the English saddle. Sharon had Harry all ready so she was waiting for me. Since I was riding Daisy without taking Freedom again this time she was dancing around more than normal but I did get her to stand a bit still. We were going over to the farrier who also floats our horses teeth (does a good job as well...he does it similar to this: Daisy is quite skinny (worse than after she had her baby and she looked pretty good then) and she wasn't eating all her hay so we talked to the vet and he said he would feed her more grain and keep her exercise like normal and also maybe get her teeth done. Daisy did well the whole way and we even did a nice amount of slow cantering. Harry didn't do so well for Sharon but he has been doing so good for so long so I am not surprised :) When we got back I played with Freedom a little bit. I held him a bit against me and also picked all four legs up. He is getting so gentle and tame and he is so much fun to have around!! Then I went and loved on Shasta a bit. She is due on Monday and she looks like she is getting close to having her baby!! We shall see I guess! Tomorrow I will probably have longer at Sharon with the horses due to having off on Saturday so I don't have to go to bed early..hehe :) Also I will be helping Sharon for 3 hours at a benefit thing with the horses (we take the horses and give people rides). Hope you have a wonderful rest of the week!!

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