Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Tuesday and Wednesday!!

Tuesday: I got a nice amount of time with my horses today. First I spent some time with Freedom and rubbed him all over and lifted his legs up. Then I lunged Daisy out in the meadow so she gets some exercise..she did quite well with that..better than she had the last time I lunged her. Hoping to go on a short little ride possibly sometime this week with her and Freedom! Once I was done I turned Freedom out with her so they could eat grass. While they ate I went and spent some time with Shasta..just brushing her and petting her :) Didn't spend terribly much time with them since I had to go to Orientation for work and then I had to go home and get to bed.

Wednesday: Today I spent more time with my horses..I am a little more used to my job schedule (I work at a bakery from 3-11 am..odd hours and my body is getting used to it. I am hoping (not sure if it will happen) to get hours that are a little more condusive for some other things so we shall see what happens. So far I am enjoying but I am not getting online much :D). First I spent time with Freedom again. Today was the best day yet. I rubbed him all over and lifted his legs up then I got the halter and we worked on leading a bit. He did the best yet and then afterwards he even stayed by me and sniffed me a bit. I took the halter off and let him go back to Daisy. I was petting and loving on Daisy a bit and then I went to get the brushes to brush them. After I got back I first went to Freedom and he actually came to me and had an interst in me like never before. I was so pleased!! Then I got Shasta ready for a walking ride. There were 6 of us going :) Shasta did well going in the snaffle bit and just walking was a nice change. After we got back I just brushed her then headed home!! Hope you all have a great rest of the week!!

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