Thursday, May 3, 2012

Freedom's First Ride and Bath and Lunging Shasta!!

Today I decided it would be ok to take Freedom for a short walking with one short canter kind of ride :) First though I put the halter on him and led him around the yard a little bit. He did way better than he did yesterday!! Then I tied Daisy in the wash stall and hosed Freedom off. He stood quite well, I was impressed :) It was nice and warm and I figured if we go on a ride afterwards it would be fine to wash him and he actually was pretty much dry till we got back and then when I left later he was completely dry. Anyway the ride went well. Daisy enjoyed the time to stretch her legs and Freedom really seemed to like it. He was prancing around and he even jumped something that he could have gone around :) He really loved to run (we did just a slow canter). I was with Sharon, my cousin Josh and Sarah :) When we got back I hosed Daisy off and put her and Freedom away. Then I got Shasta out and lunged her. She did very well with that and afterwards I hosed her off and loved on her a bit then put her away. I said bye to everyone then left.My job is going better but I am thinking some day hours would be nicer..we shall see :) Hope you all have a great week!!

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