Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Yesterday I didn't go to ride because my truck's alternator gave out so I had to take my dad's truck to work so I came home right after work. I did stop in to say hi to my girls and clean up piles.

Today (Tuesday) I got to Sharon and took a nap after lunch. Then we went for a ride. I rode Shasta (just like I did Daisy before she had her foal) in the english saddle and snaffle bit. She did quite well with everything :) We cantered a bit (Shasta and I went with Sharon on Harry) but we did a lot of walking and talking :D When we got back I cleaned up piles, gave Shasta a bath, and led Freedom around a little bit. He is doing so well with that!! Then I gave my girls grain then headed on home. Tomorrow I plan to take Freedom on a ride with Daisy and then also take just Daisy on a ride. We shall see what happens. Hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week!!

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