Thursday, May 17, 2012

Wednesday and Thursday!!

Yesterday I didn't ride  because I was quite tired so I just took a nap then before I went home I cleaned up piles and loved on my girls and Freedom. I also switched the girls so Daisy and Freedom (who had been on the meadow) were in their corral and Shasta got a turn on the meadow. I gave them their grain then headed home. I quick got changed around then went to my cousins house for a sleepover.

This morning (Thursday) I got up late then left my cousins and went to Sharon's place. She wanted me to work Harry thru some spots he doesn't really like to go thru and he always likes to follow another horse so we worked on him going first. He did really well. I was so pleased :) I rode him in my English saddle which was a lot of fun for me! When we got back from that I wanted to come home because my family is doing stuff today as a family. So I loved on both girls switched them again so Daisy and Freedom could be on the meadow and Shasta would be in a corral. Gave them their grain and cleaned up piles. Then I loved on both girls and worked with Freedom with picking up his legs and with just standing nice by me. He is such a cutie pie ;) Tomorrow I hope to ride one or even both my girls..we shall see. I had off today which was really nice!! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!

Here is a link to a song that my cousins showed me..I really like it:

Here is another song I like:

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