Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tuesday's Groundwork and Working with the Babies!!

Today I first worked with Shasta in the roundpen a bit to get her to listen to me. She is worse than Daisy as far as keeping her mind on me when I am walking her to and from places and just plain down ignoring me and paying attention to the baby. Which isn't all bad I realize but just because she has a baby doesn't mean she doesn't have to listen to me. So I lunged her and she did well. She did even better than yesterday and she followed me too :) I was very pleased with her. After we were done I hosed her off and put her in her corral and gave her her grain. Shasta had been on the meadow so before I put her in the other corral I put Daisy and Freedom out on the meadow and put Shasta in the other corral that doesn't go out to the meadow. Then I went and got a halter and went out to get Freedom. Once I got him I put the halter on him and lead him around a bit. Mostly though I worked on him with standing still and letting me touch him all over. He is a bit picky about his face so I usually pay close attention to that. He really fought puting the halter on so after I was done working with him before I let him go back to his mom I took the halter off and put it on again. He stood perfectly still and let me put the halter on without thinking about it. I thought that was neat. I touched him all over and lifted all four legs up without holding him in place..he stood perfectly still for that. :) That was the best ever. Then once I was finished with him, I clucked and let him go back to his mom. 

I went over to Shasta's baby (who still doesn't have a name..have a few I am mulling over) and worked with him a bit. He didn't stand very still he did let me touch him all over and just generally get to know him. He is a little feisty one..more like his mom. Freedom likes his independance and having his own way all the while having plenty of energy and he is full of himself but Shasta's baby is more easily worked up and high strung like his mom. He is really neat though :)

When I was done working with all my horses (I let Daisy have the day off..I loved on her though) I went with Riley on Rickie, Sharon on Bean and I rode Curly. That was an enjoyable ride!!! :)

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