Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wednesday's Working with the Babies and Naming Shasta's Baby!!

FINALLY A NAME!!! His name is: Shasta's Mateo which (if I am correct) is Spanish for Matthew. Shasta's Dad's name was Mateo :)

Today I rode Harry for Sharon. He did well :) When we got back from riding him I went and got my little blue halter (which is too small Freedom now) and went out to Mateo. I had Shasta in the neighboring corral so I could work with Mateo without her interruption :) I caught him and put his halter on. Then I worked on him coming to me. At first he fought like crazy and pulled back real hard but he figured out that if he comes forward it won't hurt him. He has a lot of fire in him because as soon as he felt the pressure he would just stand there and just bulk against the rope and then all of a sudden he would lunge front and strike out with his front legs. He so has his mom in him as far as the bulking and being a little ornery :) :) I worked with him on letting me come up to him. I stretched my hand out to him and the first couple of times he backed away real fast. Eventually I got him to the point that I was able to walk up to him with the halter and lead on and he didn't back away. Then I just hugged him and held him a bit. After that I took the halter off and sent him to his mom. I went out and got Daisy and Freedom. Once they were in their corral and Daisy was eating her grain I picked all four of Freedom's legs up...I wasn't touching him at all all except on his legs and he stood stock still. I was so impressed. He is so much more people friendly now than he was before. I was quite pleased. Once both girls had their grain eaten I put Shasta and Mateo out in the meadow and then headed home. Not sure if I am going tomorrow (I have off from work) or not but if I do I will work with both moms ;) We shall see!! Hope you have an awesome rest of the week!!

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