Friday, June 8, 2012


Today I rode Ricki and he did pretty well perfect. We had to work with staying to the left of the lane a few times but he did well :) I rode him the same way as yesterday but this time after the creek after we rode up the hill we came back down and Riley and I switched. He rode Ricki and I rode Speedy. Ricki did pretty good for Riley but I told Riley he is going to have to fight some of the same battles I fought with Ricki and that is what happened but at the end of the ride Ricki was responding to Riley. I am so pleased with the progress I have made with Ricki and I think things should go pretty well from here on out.
After we got back from riding I put Mateo and Freedom on the meadow. They ran around a bit but would rather have been with their moms. I got some nice video of them and hope to post it sometime this weekend..we shall see. Then I got some good pics of both girls and both sons together :) Here is one pic!
Hopefully I will get the rest of the pics and video of the girls and their sons up this weekend..we shall see! I also took some scenery pics today and yesterday:
Neighbors Cows
Rainbow today
Same Rainbow
Hope you enjoyed!! Sorry not much of an update!!

older pic :)

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