Thursday, June 7, 2012


Today was SO AWESOME. I for one slept two hours after work..ok that has nothing to do with the horses..anyway back on track. Well after Sharon, her mom and my cousin Josh got back from going to eat lunch and play a game with an old lady we went for a ride! I of course rode Ricki, Sharon on Bean and Josh on their Beauty. We started out at a walk and we walked for a bit then I asked Ricki to canter. We cantered and we cantered on past the spot he always has a fit with being barn sour..nope no barn sourness..SO HAPPY. That was the first start!! We kept cantering and we cantered toward the orchard. Right before we got in the orchard he has a little fit so I stopped him and backed him up. Then we nicely cantered thru the orchard and onwards!! We went thru the covered bridge and cantered a bit by the road and then onto the field lane. We didn't have any issues with anything until toward the very end..I had been doing surpentines and he did them perfectly then he decided he was not going to go nicely on the left side of the lane..well I kept asking for it but he was like no way so we stopped I backed him up and then we cantered on nicely. Tuesday and yesterday we usually turned around at the end but today we kept on and went on the road in a lane and thru a farm to the creek. We cantered on the lane a bit and he wanted to be a little bit mean about not going to the left of the lane but I got him to do it walking and we just walked the whole way thru the farm, thru the creek, and on the lane after the creek. Which brings us up to the field lane that takes us up to Fairmount Trails (sorry if this is confusing..hehe). The same lane that yesterday at the end up toward the trees he wanted to act dumb about the bushes. Well today we went flat out up that lane and HE DID PERFECT!! I mean he even went past that tree up at the top he had a fit about yesterday!! The neat thing was we had walked a nice distance and then he cantered so nicely afterwards. We walked thru Fairmount Trails and went out the other side instead of heading toward home. We walked a little ways after that and then we cantered the rest of the way home....slowly and Ricki was nice and relaxed. The reins were loose..I had it so I could feel his mouth and such but not tight at all. We had two really long stretches of cantering and HE DID ABSOLUTELY AWESOME. Responded to my leg when asked and then right at the end Sharon went in front of me and we went flat out and I held Ricki fights (before he did) and he even went at a nice canter behind Bean..I was so impressed!! Once we got back I hosed him off and then let him eat grass (got the pic at the top today).
Then I spent some time with my girls..I wanted to do some more things but Sharon called me at the farrier and said that Josh had forgotten Beauty's shoes and would I please bring since it is on my way home I gave my girls their grain and then headed home. Tomorrow I want to get some pics of the girls and their sons :) :) So we shall see!!

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