Friday, June 1, 2012

Lunging Shasta, Playing with the Babies, and Brushing Daisy!

Today I put Shasta and Daisy together in a corral and put the babies in the other corral to let them run around together. Freedom and Mateo really seemed to like that. I also held Mateo and rubbed him all over and lifted all four feet up. He did way better at this age than Freedom did. I also messed with Freedom too...he is so tame and calm..I really like that in him!! Then I put Freedom back with his mom and left Mateo in that corral. I took Shata up to another corral to round pen her. I had worked her a little out in the meadow because she didn't want to come to me at all. So unusual for her.
When I got her in the roundpen I got her to trot really fast around the pen...Once she was listening to me I got her to go slower. She listened pretty well..way better than any other time. Once she did a complete circle at a walk I turned away from her and she came right to me and touched me. Shasta followed me quite nicely inside the roundpen turning all directions!!! So I took her outside the roundpen and she ran right over to her baby without any thought of weather she should be following me or not (which is what I had in mind for her) so right back into the roundpen we went. (She had followed me really well without listening or calling back to her baby in the roundpen but figured once were were outside that doesn't apply anymore which was not the case). So I lunged her a bit more in the roundpen. Once she was listening to me again I turned away from her and she followed me. We went outside the roundpen again and the same story (she went back to her baby) only this time I made her back up then she took off and she trotted the length of the pasture and then turned around again and headed back to her baby only I chased her back into the roundpen (let the gate open just in case I wanted to work with her some more.) I made her go in one or two circles at a slow trot then once she listened to me I turned away from her and she followed me this time around. We went outside again and this time she wanted to badly go over to the corral where her baby was but she didn't. She stayed right by me. I jogged (while she trotted) away from the baby and she did so well. I stopped short and she did a really good stop as well. I was so pleased with her. She did so well!! This was the best she ever did and I had full control of her feet without a rope and we were outside. I was so pleased!!
Once I was done with Shasta I put her in with Mateo and got Daisy out and brushed her. I did it really fast since they are calling for really bad storms in this area. Tomorrow I plan to ride Daisy and groom both girls!! We shall see how it all works out! I also will be working with Ricki (Riley's horse) prolly this ne

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