Monday, June 25, 2012

Silver and Riding Daisy While Ponying Shasta!

Today I worked with Silver (the 3 yr old) again. I put him in the roundpen and pet him a bit. Then I sent him off. After he went around the circle a few times I decided to try something I had thought of while I was at work. Since he hasn't been doing so good with facing me when changing directions (instead giving me his but) I figured if I used the line that would give him a good basis to start from as well as teach him some different commands. So that is what I did. I put him on the line and sent him off. Then I asked him to stop and face me. Once he faced me I pointed in the direction I wanted him to go, clucked and off he went. Then I did it again to change directions again. It took a bit but he did it. I got him to the point that I was able to say Easy and step a bit in front of the driveline (not so much so that he would stop to face me just a bit) to slow him down. I did it for a little while on the line then I took the line off and did it that way. He did so well. He didn't try to often to turn his but toward me but he did try it a few times. I got him to follow me as well. I also did some things that Clinton Anderson does...pat the horse all over and throw the rope over the horse. Silver did well. Then we went outside and I led him around a bit (with me on his right side..he seems to have some issues with me being on that side so I am going to work with him thru that!!). I also got him to lay down..same way I did my girls and he did it in under 5 minutes with not any fight. I was so pleased. Once he got up I hosed him off and praised him quite a bit!! I think he has a lot of potential.

Well once I was finished with him, Denise, her daughter Taylor, Alta, Michelle (a friend of Denise's) and I went on a ride. I rode Daisy and ponied Shasta. Both girls did wonderful I thought. I liked the idea both girls would get work. Their sons both stayed back at the barn but I let them be together in a corral so they wouldn't be by themselves :) When we got back from riding I hosed both girls off and gave them their grain then headed out..We shall see what all we end up doing tomorrow :)

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  1. How'd you get him to lay down? That is so cool