Thursday, June 21, 2012

Wednesday and Riding in the Creek!!!

Today was SO WARM!! It was 100 degrees in the sun I heard. Well since it was so warm I didn't feel like really riding and I knew my girls wouldn't be into it really but I wanted to get them nice and cooled off so my cousin Sara and I rode down to the creek and spent a nice amount of time in there. I would just have hosed them off but I knew that being in the creek would be nicer for them...they could get totally wet and feel totally cooled off. Sara rode Daisy and I rode Shasta. Both girls really really liked it. I think it felt really good to them. We hosed them off before we left and then they dried off (they weren't even totally dry till we got back) as we were walking back. Shasta was really hyper and had some energy after being in the creek. It was really refreshing for me as well.

When we got back I haltered Mateo and then gave him a bath with soap and water. He did pretty well. Sara was leading him around a little and he did really well. Way better than he ever did. I was impressed. Then when Mateo was done I gave Freedom a bath too. He did wonderfully as well. I think it made them both feel really good!! :) Not sure what I am doing tomorrow but not much if it is too warm again!! We shall see. Have a good rest of the week!!

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