Monday, July 2, 2012

Birthday Party and Swimming in the Creek!

This morning I went to Sharon and most everyone was there already. We were having a birthday party for my cousin Chris and his sister Sarah. So Josh, Jesse, MaryRose (Sarah and Chris's siblings as well) Andrea, Riley and Trevor (brothers), Altal, Sharon and I all got on our horses and headed to the creek. We swam a little bit in the swimming hole then we went farther on down the creek. Some of us had in mind to dump Riley and Josh in the creek so that is what we did. We even got it accomplished..hehe. Josh decided to get even so he dumped me in too. I didn't mind though :) After we swam a little more we went on a little bit of a ride. After we got back to Sharon we ate some lunch, had some cake and sang Happy Birthday :) It was a really awesome day!! Really relaxing!!

I am working 4 10 hr days this week so it should make for an interesting week but I think it should go well. I am also working the same hours next week only different days. Then on the 16th of July I start working at Pellman's. Yes I am quitting here at the Bird-in-Hand Bakery and Creamery because working from 3-11 am means I don't get to do some church stuff I have been badly wanting to do and so that is my reason for changing jobs. Working at Pellmans: means I would work Mon - Fri 6:30am-2:30 (or there abouts) in the afternoon. So we shall see how things all work out!! Hope you have a great week!

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