Saturday, June 30, 2012

Riding Daisy, Ponying Freedom, Playing with Mateo, and Lunging Shasta!!

Today I worked but got done arond 7:40. We usually just do pies and then leave which is really nice for a Saturday. So I got to Sharon around 5 after 8. I hopped on Daisy bareback and put a halter and lead on Freedom and we went for a ride. We mostly walked but we did run a bit. I took him down to the creek and I don't usually go in the creek by myself but I went in far enough that Freedom could get all wet and swim a bit. He really liked that and it felt good to him. It was warm enough..hehe. So warm here lately. Daisy likes the creek to so she enjoyed herself. On the way back we galloped a bit then we just cantered for a bit longer and then walked the rest of the way. Daisy felt good and I know Freedom enjoyed getting the chance to stretch his legs. When I got back I groomed Daisy and then hosed her off. I put her in her corral and she got to eat her breakfast! Then I got Shasta out and lunged her a bit. We worked on her turning and slowing down when I ask her to. She did great. I hosed her off too. When I was done with her I put a halter on Mateo and picked his legs up and led him a bit. Then I hosed him off too. After I was done with everyone I gave them their grain and loved on them. I don't plan to go tomorrow but I plan to go Monday :) It was a relaxing morning!! Have a great weekend!!

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