Thursday, July 12, 2012

Taking Mateo and Freedom for a Ride, Going in the Creek with the Foals and Taking Rachel Riding!!

Tuesday: I didn't ride at all on Tuesday. Instead I cleaned up piles and just did barn work. I filled my shampoo bottles with shampoo again as well as flyspray bottles with flyspray. I cleaned up where my saddles are and decobwebbed everything and dedusted everything..LOL. It was so much fun doing things that don't get done often. (I hadn't been to my horses since Friday..had a busy weekend).

Wednesday: Yesterday was my busy day :) After work I went right to Sharon and first I gave the boys a bath..just hosed them off since they were SO DIRTY. After their bath Sharon hopped on Bean and I hopped on Daisy. Sharon had Mateo (who never had been out on a ride) and I had Freedom. Mateo did really well with never having been ponied off a horse but I think all the inhand work with leading him and just handling him helped!! Freedom did awesome too. Our goal was to go down to the creek and let them swim. Both boys really enjoyed swimming and then we did some cantering on the way home. After we got back to the barn I did some chores then I headed home to take a nap. After my nap I got Rachel and we went back to the barn.

First when Rachel and I got to the barn we took some pics of the foals out in the meadow.

Then I saddled Speedy up for Rachel and they rode around the house and I got some pictures of them together!!

After the pictures I hopped on Misty (one of Sharon's horses) to go out on the trail with Rachel. We went for a ride and even did some cantering. Rachel had SO MUCH FUN...she thanked me a lot for taking her along. I want to do that some more this summer yet and with my new job I think it will be more possible.

After we got back from the ride we loved on my girls and then headed home. It was quite the day and evening!!

Thursday: Today...I didn't ride at all just loved on my boys and gals and cleaned up piles. Nothing glamourous but it was fun and relaxing. Tomorrow I don't know if I will ride or not but whatever happens it should be fun!! Hope you have a wonderful rest of the week!!

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