Friday, July 13, 2012

Riding Daisy and Ponying Freedom!!

Today I wasn't really planning to ride but then my cousin Chris (rode Curly) was at Sharon (rode Bean) as well as Riley (rode Ricky) and his brother Trevor (rode Misty). They were planning on going on a ride with Sharon so I hopped on Daisy and got Freedom and we went along. Riley was riding his horse Ricky who decided to be a bit of a jerk so I ended up riding him while Riley rode Curly and Trevor rode Daisy and ponied Freedom (who did excellant for him..I was pleased with my horses). Sharon and Chris went back before Riley, Trevor and I so they did some switching of horses. I rode Ricky, Riley rode Curly, Chris rode Misty and Trevor rode Daisy :) Ricky did ok but I am not sure what his problem is..I guess we shall see how things work out with him!! Anyway I am hoping tomorrow to spend more time with my gals!!

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