Thursday, August 9, 2012

Another Training Session with Daisy!

Today it was warm again here but I did ride regardless. It wasn't too bad I just am not to big a fan of warm weather (at least in the middle of the day..LOVE my cool evenings). I tacked Daisy up and we headed out to the pasture to work on our circles. She does the circle perfectly without much of her shoulder falling in when going clockwise but when we go counterclock it doesn't go to well :D Today though it went well. My posting is feeling more natural and Daisy seems to be getting the hang of it. After we worked the circle a few times we did some work just trotting on the straight mainly for my benefit of posting. I did canter one time and I got her to stop and she stopped SO WELL. She really surprised me as far as that went. Then we went to do it again and I believe she would have stopped perfectly again but someone I knew blew their horn at me (which was fine) but it scared Daisy and she didn't respond to my cues the way she would have I don't think. We stopped farther down and she did ok. Then we did some more trotting and walking before we finished up. I am so proud of how far she has come. I feel like I am getting somewhere with her and that gives me a good feeling.

For those of you who don't know I plan to sell Shasta. My cousin is going to have her on trial (that is if everything works out as far as having Shasta at their place) and if she doesn't buy her we shall see what happens then. I plan to keep Freedom but Mateo will be sold as well and of course I am keeping Daisy. :) There are some more changes coming up as far as my horses are concerened and when they actually happen I will let you all know :) Hope you have a safe and wonderful rest of the week and weekend!!

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