Saturday, August 11, 2012

Riding with a Friend and Changes!!

Friday: Yesterday I took my friend Elana riding at Sharon's. She rode Misty and I rode Daisy of course :) We did a mostly all walking ride but cantered for a short bit twice on the way home. It was so enjoyable and relaxing just hanging out and riding and being together! I did get some pics but I won't be posting that till another day. Anyway since you might be curious I will tell you about the changes that I mentioned in the title (and might have alluded to in one of the last posts).

I have come to realize that changes are a part of life :) I have been wanting to have my horses here at home which isn't possible but I was thinking the next best thing would be to have them at a place nearby. So this past week I was looking for a place. First I asked at 4 places and they all said no but at the fourth place the guy said check at my neighbor and see if he would be ok with having your horses there. Also that evening I had checked on Craigslist to see if there were any places I could board and found one located in Stevens (in my area) and they were asking for a reasonable rate as well as exactly what I wanted which was pasture and a run in in the pasture. Note: I am just moving Daisy and Freedom. For those of you that don't know (haven't really said anything) I am looking for a buyer for Shasta and someone will be trying her out and deciding if they are going to buy her or not..if they don't I have a few others I will be asking. Also selling Mateo. Back to the story. The guy didn't  call me back till today and he said no we would love to have your horses but it won't work out. He gave me another place to check and they said no as well. I was like ok so I don't have any place as of yet then I came home and the lady from the ad on Craigslist has emailed me back :) :) :) I called her husband and at first couldn't get ahold of him but on the third try I got to talk to him and set up a time and got the address to go check it out today. I just got back a little bit ago from seeing the place and it is PERFECT :) There are two with a run in shed (3 acres) and the other one without a run in (2 acres) and then there are stalls that I could use if needed for whatever reason. They also have a RIDING AREANA. A decent sized one too :) That was something I wasn't expecting and was more than I could ask for. I had wanted a place that I could work my horse and I had been praying that I could find a place that would have a pasture and all that but NEVER a riding areana. I am looking forward to having my horses here :) :) :) Daisy will be moved there Monday!! So excited!! They themselves have horses in their other meadows and they look awesome ;) :) Mateo is going to Joel (where Shasta is now) to be with his mare's foal, Shasta is going to my cousins for a while (till she gets sold most likely), and Freedom, till he is totally weaned from his mom, will be going to Bernell and Shannon (people that own what used to be Sharon's Beauty). After Freedom is weaned he will go up to Daisy. So I am pleased with how everything is turning out!! :) Anyway that is all I have for now! Have a wonderful and safe weekend!
p.s. The place is TWO MINUTES from my house which is a plus especially since Sharon's place is 15-20 minutes :) Thankful I could have them at Sharon though for the time I did!!

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