Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Groundwork with Daisy!!

Today I worked with Daisy on the ground :) First I got her out of her corral then I got the rope and crop and we trotted surpentines and figure eights in the yard. Daisy did really well with turning with me when I turned. I was quite happy. Then I got her to back up using my body language and the crop waving in the air toward her. She backed up nicely. I also got her to stand while I walked around her. Then I got her to move her hindquarters around with me using body language and waving the crop at her hindquarters. She moved better than she ever did. I also got her to move her forquarters like that as well although she didn't do so well with that. I think we need to work on it. Am looking forward to working her some more later!! :) I also spent some time with the babies. Freedom nickered at me. I love how they both come to meet me at the gate when I go to say hi to them!! I didn't see Shasta today but I will either tomorrow or Thursday.

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