Monday, August 6, 2012

Training Session with Daisy and Riding Moonlight!

Today I rode Daisy :) I groomed her really good first then saddled her up in the English saddle and snaffle bit. I first started off at a walk around the house and I worked at her stopping when I asked. She did well with that. I was working her on a circle on the driveway but I think my circle was too small so her shoulder kept falling in at the one area. So I did like the my one friend suggested and made a big circle with cones in the meadow and trotted around that. Daisy's shoulder didn't keep falling in as much. I believe it will take practice till we are able to get a full circle without her shoulder falling in but I plan to work on it. For me it is fun trotting because I get to post. I am getting better at it. Sometime I will have to get my mom or sister to take some pics of me riding again. Anyway I was pleased with how she did. I worked her on her turn on the forhand as well, from the saddle. She has that almost down pat. Now for the what seems to be harder part of teaching her to do a turn on the haunches..We will get it though with practice!! For Daisy's reward at doing so well with the circle and turning on the forhand I let her trot over some poles and we even cantered for a short bit. She did PERFECT. She stopped immediately when I asked her to do so. She at one point would not have done that in the snaffle. I feel like I am getting somewhere. I hopped off, put the saddle away and the hosed her off and put her away. I said by to her and the foals then headed over to Shasta.

My cousin MaryRose came over to ride her and I rode one of Joel's mares (Moonlight). Shasta did quite well for MaryRose and I enjoyed riding Moonlight. We went for a short ride but it was quite fun!! :)

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