Sunday, August 19, 2012

Saturday's Ride!!

Pictures my sister Rose Mary took of Daisy and I Saturday with her camera!

I rode Daisy Saturday. I hadn't worked with her at all on Friday..just hung out with her and gave her grain and such since it was raining. My sister Rose Mary went up with me and took pics of me. I saddled Daisy up English and with the snaffle. She did pretty well with the riding. I was happy with her. I didn't really work on much but upward and downward transitions. She did the best she ever did with her downward transition to a stop..she never did that well. I was so pleased with her. Happy with the progress we are making!

Sunday I didn't do anything but give her her grain and hay and just hang out with her in the barn :) It was good just being with her that way!! I put fly spray on her and put her out for the night. Hoping to ride tomorrow. We shall see!

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