Thursday, August 16, 2012


Today I went and rode Daisy. We didn't ride long or go far but it was fun. First thing I did was groom her when I got there. The other boarder (Allison) and the guy that lives there (Anthony) were out there and we were talking a bit. I put the hackamore on Daisy and hopped on bareback and off we went :) I do want to do some schooling with her soon but I want to let her settle in and just explore a bit before I do much detailed training. We went down the road a bit then turned around, passed the driveway to the barn and went down the road a bit in the other direction. I know a friend that lives right next door almost to the barn but she wasn't home so Daisy and I just headed back to the barn. Before I went back to the barn we rode around the property to check it out..Really nice sized!! Once we rode around the property I hopped off Daisy, gave her her grain and brushed her then put her out in the meadow again. She seems really content. So can't wait to bring Freedom too!! I am happy as well just having her so close to home! Here is a photo of her eating her grain (sorry it isn't the best quality..took it with my phone).

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