Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thursday's Groundwork!

Tonight on the way to the barn I picked up a friend who lives quite close. Then we headed on over to Daisy. Daisy actually was standing by the gate so I just walked up to her and put her halter on her. Then we went thru the barn to get out to the areana. Once in the areana I put the lunge line on Daisy and lunged her. I got her to walk-trot in both directions. She does well doing it on command. Then for the first time since I have started to lunge her this time around (if you all remember about a year and a half ago (not this past winter the one before) I did a lot of lunge line work with Daisy and she started to do well with cantering) I got her to canter. She does so awesome going counter pulling whatsoever but once you ask her to go clock wise then she pulls at the one spot. It is something I have worked on before and I will be working on again. But regardless of that I was quite pleased with how she did. She seems to remember everything she was taught before which makes me quite happy. Then I told her to WHOA and asked her to come to me. I unclipped the line and off we went. She followed me quite well and the first time I asked her to trot by voice command she didn't trot so I stopped (she did too) and I asked her to back. Then after we started off again I said TROT and she trotted immediatly. I was so pleased because I don't think she has ever done it quite that well. She slows down and stops really well. I love it because she is totally relying on my voice and body ropes no nothing. :) Once we were finished with that I took her into the barn and my friend and and I chatted while Daisy ate her grain. When she was finished with her grain I took her out in the meadow again. I might ride tomorrow..we shall see!!

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