Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday's Ride!

Tonight I rode Daisy. When I got to the barn Anthony was about to mow the meadow where Daisy was. I got Daisy out and was talking to Lori a bit and then I went to go ride :) First I groomed Daisy then tacked her up with the English saddle and hackamore and we went for about a 45 minute ride. It was just fun walking and trotting and even cantering a bit. It was mostly on the road or right by the road. I really want to find some places that I can go in the fields or field lanes but I need to talk to some people :) When we got back to the barn I unsaddled Daisy then hosed her off, gave her her grain in the stall then put her out in the meadow when she was done eating :) The meadow looks so nice now and I am sure Daisy really likes it. Not sure if I am riding tomorrow or what cause my youth thing is earlier the normal but I do plan to see Daisy regardless. :)

I did see the foals today..Mateo doesn't have hardly any brown in his spots anymore..they are pretty much all gray/whitish and the one even totally faded. The one area that still have spots that are bold are on his face :) Freedom hasn't changed much at all..still hanging out with Kate (his "replacement" mom) and enjoying himself.  Both babies seem fine and seem to have settled in where they are :)