Sunday, September 16, 2012

Beach 2012!

 Our Sand Castle
 Sara, Me, MaryRose



I went to the beach with my two cousins Sara and MaryRose on Friday :) I honestly felt the best I had all week..pretty much back to normal and no longer was contagious. We left for the DE at 4:40 am and arrived at the breakfast place (Beach Bagel) at around 6:30. We ate some breakfast then headed on down to find our beach. We had gone to the beach two years ago (read about that here) at the same beach. Once we got to the beach we got changed around and headed out to the water (before hand we had lugged all our stuff out (umbrella, food, etc). We spent some time in the water and some time just hanging out together on the beach. Although for me the most fun I think was building the sand castle. That took some time too :) We packed up and headed for the showers around 2:30. We stopped for some icecream on the way home and arrived back at my cousins place around 7pm. It was quite a fun day!! :) Quite a few memories were made as well :)

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