Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday!

Sunday: Sunday evening I worked Daisy on the lunge line. She did quite well. She did try to pull me around a bit but I worked her thru it and it seems like she is getting better with the lunging idea. Really happy with her!

Monday: I did ride Monday evening. I measured out a nice sized circle to trot thru. Then I climbed on Daisy and off we trotted around the circle. Going the one way it went quite well and it seemed like she was having good balance and not letting her shoulder fall in. Then going the other way it seemed like it didn't matter how hard we both tried her shoulder still fell in. It was quite annoying but we worked thru it. Once we went the way that her shoulder kept falling in and it went almost perfect then we quit with that. I asked her to do a move on the haunches going to the right and she did that perfectly then trying to get her to do it going to the left was almost impossible. I tried different things and finally got her to do it but that definitly needs some work. Since she had done so well I figured we could go for a short ride down the road as a reward for her hard work and her doing so well. So in the English saddle and and snaffle bit we headed off down the road. We mostly did trotting but with one or two times of cantering in there :) Daisy did quite well for the most part. I feel like we are getting somewhere :)
Tuesday: It rained then on Tuesday so all I did was bring both Freedom and Daisy into the barn and put them in stalls to give them their grain and love on them. I gave them both some hay out in the run in shed then put them out. I didn't do more than that.
Tuesday's Rain
I have someone looking at Shasta tomorrow so not sure I will get to ride Daisy or not. Tonight I have cleaning here at home as well as church tonight (planning to go unless some things change) so I don't know what all I will get to do with Daisy tonight. Then Friday evening Rose Mary and I are going with the youth up to Bald Eagle Boys camp and tenting out then Saturday working up there then coming home that evening so no riding Friday. Possibly Saturday but I really doubt that. Hopefully Sunday. I was really planning to do a lot of riding this week but that isn't happening. Next week I should get more in :) We shall see!!

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