Saturday, September 8, 2012

Thursday, Friday and Saturday!

Thursday and Friday I didn't ride. I just went up and gave my horses grain and loved on them. I didn't ride Thursday cause I had gone to the chiropractor and then Friday I didn't ride because things went differently than I planned so I just didn't get to ride.

Pictures from today

Saturday: This morning I did get to ride :) I got up and was up by the horses by 20 of 9 or so. I got the horses and put the western saddle on Daisy. Since the last horse it had been used on was Shasta the saddle needed readjustment. So that took a bit but I did get everything in order. I groomed both horses and once Daisy was all ready to go I hopped on her and got Freedom and off we went. We walked for the first bit then trotted a bit till we got to a grassy strip and I cantered and Freedom loved that. We walked the rest of the way till we got to my house. We stopped in at my Grandparents and Grandma came out and checked out Freedom :) I think she really liked him. Then we went down and talked to my mom and Rachel as well my sister Rose Mary. My mom took pictures for me and then Daisy and Freedom and I went out to the field across the road and cantered a bit then talked to my mom a bit more then walked back to the barn. Once back at the barn I unsaddled Daisy, gave her her grain (just a little since she doesn't need as much anymore...she's really lookin good). Meanwhile I hosed Freedom off and gave him a bath..I think he felt better afterwards. Then I put him in the stall and took Daisy out and hosed her off. After she was hosed off I put her out in the meadow and by that time Freedom had eaten all his grain and I put him out with his mom. Overall it was a wonderful morning with the horses :) Tomorrow if it doesn't rain I plan to ride and my cousin is coming to ride Daisy and I am planning to ride the Rivera's Paso-Fino Caramel :)

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