Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Tuesday and Wednesday!

Tuesday: Last evening I didn't ride. It had rained on and off thru out the day so I decided to play it safe and just hang out with Daisy and Freedom. I brought them both in from the meadow. I gave them both grain then I groomed Daisy. Brushed her mane and tail. Didn't braid it again though. She stood really nice for me and seemed to really love the attention. I found her itchy spot too..I loved itching it for her cause I could tell she enjoyed it :D Then I brushed Freedom as well. He is like his mom and stands really nice too :) After they had eaten all their grain and I was finished brushing them I put Daisy and Freedom out in the meadow.

Some pics of Daisy:

Clouds this evening

Wednesday: This evening I did ride Daisy but first since she was acting like a mare that just wanted to run over me (not literally..just wasn't listening) I decided a lunging session before riding was in order. So...I got the lunge line and whip out and we headed out to the areana. I sent her off in a trot and got her to trot nicely to the left. With her doing so well with the trotting I figured I would ask for a canter. Daisy cantered quite nicely going to the left but when I asked for a change in directions and for her to canter to the right she didn't do so well. I know before she was bad on that side when lunging so I wasn't too surpised with how she did. I got her to trot and then asked her to canter and when she cantered to the left, the whole circle perfectly I quit.

Next up was riding. We went into the barn and I saddled her up English with the snaffle. Then out to the areana we headed again...I hopped on and we first walked the perimeter of the areana first then we trotted to the right. I think both Daisy and I did well. At first her shoulder didn't fall in and I believe I did well as far as posting and my body positioning being right. Then we changed directions and there went our nice looking show :D Daisy's shoulder fell in and I lost my nice posting position. We regained it though..not as good as going to the right was but it went well. I got Daisy to do a one or two corners that her shoulder didn't fall in and I felt like I was posting with her. We ended the session on stopping when I asked her to...that needs some work but we are getting there. When Daisy stopped nicely I hopped off and praised her ;) I took her into the barn and gave her and Freedom their grain. Hosed Daisy off before putting both out in the meadow :) Overall it was a great evening.

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