Thursday, September 20, 2012


Today Daisy and I went for a ride. I used the snaffle and the English saddle. Wasn't sure how it would all go but figured we could give it a shot. She kept wanting to turn around to go back but I just used my legs and reins to keep her going straight (well at least that was the intent). At first it seemed like nothing went well. We would be trotting along and she would try to turn back. In all honesty this is the second time she has left the place on a ride without Freedom so I can see why somewhat but it was irritating. I just worked her thru it. I mostly got Daisy to trot and do walk trot transitions as well as getting her to respond to moving over when asked using my leg and reins :) That worked pretty well. We soon arrived here at home. Chatted with mom and Rose Mary and Rachel a bit then headed for the barn again :) Daisy did quite well on the way back. She did way better than she did on the way to my house :) I was SO HAPPY!! She did good with the trotting and staying in line. I was SO PROUD of her. We got back to the barn and I brushed her down and loved on her. I then put both her and Freedom (who had been in the stall) out in the meadow with their hay then headed home. It was a wonderful evening!

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