Sunday, September 23, 2012

Bald Eagle Boys Camp Work Day!

My youth group went up to Bald Eagle Boys Camp ( to tent Friday evening and have a work day on Saturday. We left the school sometime around 4:30 pm on Friday. Around 5:30 or so we stopped for a 20 min supper/bathroom break. We arrived later that evening (not totally sure what time it was). By that time it was getting dark and we still had our tents to set up. We unloaded the trailer where all of our luggage and such was in and then set up our tents. It started to rain :D After the tents were set up we went into Lock Haven (town close by) and ate at Ice Shack. Afterwards we headed back to our tenting site (which was actually located at the Chief's Lodge which isn't directly at the camp...a bit down the road). Some people stayed up and sat around the campfire but Rose Mary, my friend Elana and I headed to bed.
The alarm rang at 6 am. We got up, unrolled ourselves from our sleeping bags and got dressed in the tent. Quite interesting getting ready for the day in a tent that is so small you can't stand in it (3 man tent). It was a good experience though. Once we were dressed we got our things together and then headed for the campfire for breakfast. At the campfire we had breakfast mountain pies..So good :) When most everyone was done eating our spiritual advisor had devotions and after devotions the guy that was in charge arrived. We then split up into multiple groups. A group of ladies stayed there at the lodge to clean it (just for the morning) and the rest of us split up. Some guys had chainsaws so some of us girls went with that group. Then the rest went somewhere else where they rolled logs down a hill and then the split it with a log splitter (at least that is my understanding :) My group (which had the chainsaws) went to a big pile of logs. The guys cut them with the chainsaws and then we handed them down to each other and made a stack of that wood so it could be split. Once split then we stacked that wood. It was quite interesting and muddy. Since it had rained the night before it was muddy and wet which made the whole experience quite facinating :D We worked till lunch time then we went down to the boys camp and ate lunch.
When we were finished eating lunch we went back to our camp site and packed up the tents and all our belongings due to it calling for rain in the afternoon. Once things were read away we headed back to our places we had been working. The afternoon was much like the morning all except it rained a bit so we headed for the van quite quickly. It stopped raining then, of course, so out of the van we hopped. So we continued to work and then it started to rain and this time it seemed like it wouldn't let up so we got into the van and headed back. Some of us got changed around for the ride home because everyone was wet and muddy. Some of the groups hadn't come back yet so those of us that were back just relaxed and such. Everyone was to be down at the lodge by 3 cause we were going to get a tour. The tour was quite interesting (to see what Bald Eagle does check out their website). After the tour we went back to the camp site and everyone that hadn't been changed before got changed and we finished loading everything then headed for home. It was quite an interesting but FUN weekend!!

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