Tuesday, September 25, 2012


On this fine cool day I went to ride Daisy :) I got both her and Freedom out of the meadow and took them into the barn. There I brushed Freedom then put the hackamore on Daisy. I put Freedom out in the areana then took Daisy out. I worked her thru the circle that I usually like to work her thru...the one where I work on her keeping herself straight on the circle. We trotted thru that (I was bareback). Freedom was following the whole time. I figured it wouldn't hurt to canter around a bit too and Freedom followed. Good exercise for him. Daisy has been doing well with moving on the haunches and forhand so we worked on that. She did the best she has ever done yet going both ways on both the forhand and haunches. I am so pleased. I was also working with her to respond to my leg cues. Daisy is getting quite good at that too. I like taking it slow cause the horse seems to learn it so much better and it seems to stick longer. Anyway then since she did so well I hopped off and I took both horses into the barn. I gave them both a bit of grain. Freedom got more than Daisy cause I am not really giving Daisy any grain. Only on occasion does she get some. I brushed Daisy too then put them both out on the meadow with a bit of hay. It was a short and sweet but quite good evening!!

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