Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Cabin, Monday and Tuesdays Updates!

 All above pics are from the cabin...all below are from yesterday!

Cabin: As you all know, at least if you have been keeping up with my blog you do, that I was at the cabin this weekend with 2 families, a couple and I. All together there were 19 of us. We took 3 horse trailers, 8 horses + 2 mins and a minivan. The 3 horse trailers left at 3:20 on Friday and the four of us in the minivan left more like 4:40. It was my cousins, Sarah, MaryRose, Josh and I in the van...Josh didn't get off from work till 4 so we went to pick him up. Once we picked him up we drove out to the cabin which was 2 hours away. At the cabin it looked like most everyone had settled in nicely. Daisy seemed to be quite content. She had been picked up around 1:30 or so and Freedom had been left behind. He didn't like that too much but Anthony said he had a pretty good weekend. Anyway, at the cabin they started a fire and we had hotdogs over the yummy. We also had smores ;) We did go to bed decent time since it was dark and we wanted to pack as much fun into the next day as possible.

Saturday began at 7 am for me. My cousins and I were going to get up at 8 but we didn't sleep to well so we got up earlier. We got dressed and headed out to the horses. Gave them some hay and let them munch for a bit then got them saddled up and headed out on a ride. I rode Daisy for this ride. We weren't sure where we could all go so we went exploring. We rode for at least an hour if not an hour and a half. By the time we got back, which was right around 10, our brunch was ready to eat. After brunch some of us took a nap and did odds and ends till around 12 or so. Then the boys wanted to go on a ride and Sharon wanted one of the other girls to go along. I wasn't planning on going, but I ended up going and riding Curly ;) We explored the power line, where it cut thru the mountain. It looked quite steep but actually it wasn't too steep. I got some pictures :) I think we were gone for about 3 hours. After we went as far as we could on the power line we headed back. Then we were clowning around a bit on the horses. I stole Josh's hat and we were taking off with it so he couldn't get it back. He did get it back eventually though. By the time he got his hat back then we started for the cabin. Not sure really what time we actually got to the cabin but once there supper was going to be ready within the hour or so. After supper some of us played some crazy fun volleyball and by that time it was snack time. Soft pretzels and home made icecream...YUMMY. Since it was getting later by the time snack was finished we gathered in the livingroom. The younger ones got baths and such. Then we sang and we took turns acting out Bible stories. We also played a few games of Occupation. By the time we were finished it was quite late.
Sunday morning we went to church. After church we ate lunch then the ones of us in the minivan headed out at 3. The rest came home with the trailers later. Daisy arrived home around 8:30 :) Overall it was quite a fun and intersting weekend!!
Monday: I did a lot of work around home here so I just said hi to the horses and loved on them a bit.
Tuesday: I got to love on the horses and groom them :) Freedom comes up to me which makes me feel so special :) :) It had rained earlier so everything was wet so I didn't ride. 

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