Sunday, October 7, 2012

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday + Some Pictures!

Wednesday: I took Daisy and Freedom for a walk around the property. We did some trotting and just generally had some good fun :) Afterwards I put Freedom in the stall and gave him grain and then took Daisy outside and layed her down in the grass. She did really good for me not having done it for a while :) I told her to get up and I praised her for doing so well. When Freedom was done eating his grain, I put them out in the meadow again.
Thursday: I took Daisy for a nice ride. I saddled up English and with the snaffle bit. We walked for the first bit then we trotted for a good while. We went a different way than normal although back when Daisy had been at my house still we had gone this way. After trotting for a good ways we found a small grassy strip that we cantered a bit. Daisy I think did the best she ever has done on a ride away from the barn with the snaffle. I think deep down I knew we could get this far but I never dreamed it would be this soon and Daisy would do so well. Anyway, back on track, after cantering a bit we walked for a bit then trotted some more. When we headed back we trotted a bit and cantered one time. After cantering, we trotted for a short distance, then we walked the rest of the way home. I am so proud at how well she did!! I loved on her and hugged Freedom then headed home.
Friday: I rode for a very short bit. About half an hour just simply working on Daisy going straight and listening to my leg, seat, and rein cues (we rode English with the snaffle). I talked to one of the girls that is a friend of mine and she came down to see Freedom. I layed Daisy down again and she did absolutely GREAT. I barely had to use the ropes :) :) SO inpressed!
Once I layed her down I put both her and Freedom out in the meadow and loved on them a bit :)
Saturday: I had kinda planned to ride but I decided to just groom and love on the horses instead. It was just great to spend time with them in that way :) I also laid Daisy down again this time WITHOUT any ropes just me holding her leg and instructing her to lay down. She didn't do so at first but she did do it :) I was SO PLEASED. I never ever dreamed she would come this far already. I am hoping to have her trained to the point that all I have to say is down or cue her with body language and she lays down. We shall see. I am in no hurry. I praised her for doing so well then I groomed her and Freedom. Put them back out in the meadow and gave them some hay. It was quite the nice afternoon!

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