Friday, October 26, 2012

Fall Colors, Some Groundwork and Riding!

Every day this week but Wednesday I went to the horses and just fed them hay and loved on them a bit. Wednesday I groomed Daisy (with the help of two girls ;) and did some groundwork with her. Worked on her leading and getting her to move her but both on her front and back. Rode her a bit as well :) She did quite well.

Today which is Friday I rode her. I used the hackamore and the english saddle. It went absolutely wonderful. Daisy trotted great and everything. We headed down to the farm here. We trotted in the field and ran a bit both ways no problem whatsoever. Talked to each of my family members as well as a neighbor. Then we headed home and we trotted a bit more. Once back at the barn I hosed Daisy off since she was quite sweaty. I then loved on both Freedom and her. This weekend there is a storm supposed to be blowing thru but if it doesn't arrive till Sunday I am hoping to get quite a bit of riding in. We shall see :)
Anyway enjoy the pictures and have a great weekend!!

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