Sunday, October 21, 2012

Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday!

Thursday: I didn't do much with the horses but put a blanket on Freedom cause of the rain and just love on them a bit!
Friday: I didn't ride Daisy but I did go to Sharon after work to ride with Sharon and my cousin Sarah. Then using Earl Dean and Sharon's trailer I drove and Sara came along and we went and dropped Mateo off at his new home (the people that I have Daisy and Freedom at bought him). After that we took the trailer back to Sharon's place then went to Sarah's place. Slept over night then Saturday morning went to a horse clinic. Quite interesting :)
Saturday: I didn't ride then either but I did work with both horses. I worked Daisy on leading and getting better at that and also just moving her hindquarters and forquarters around. Then at the end of the session I laid her down with no problems at all. I was so pleased. And I had laid her down without using a rope or anything..awesome horse!! I put Daisy away and got Freedom out. Put his new blanket on for size and just led him around and brushed him. I had brushed Daisy so I figured Freedom could use some too :) Overall Saturday was a good day!

Sunday: I just loved on the horses and my sisters Rose Mary and Rachel went along. I took pictures of the horses with my new camera that came on Friday. I have a Canon Rebel T2i. So here are some samplings of the pictures I took today :)

 Rachel and Freedom

 Freedom and Sophie (the goat)


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