Monday, November 26, 2012

Last Week, Monday's Groundwork, and Some Pictures!

Last week I didn't ride like I had wanted to or planned too! I did ride Thursday for a bit and Daisy did pretty well. I rode in the English saddle and snaffle. I groomed Daisy before heading out and we went for about a 45 minute ride. :) This week I am just planning to do groundwork although I might ride on the weekend! This past Saturday I hopped on Daisy for a little in the meadow and I mainly worked on my leg aides and turning and such. She did quite good. I can see gradual improvements as time goes on! Sunday evening I let Daisy out on the lawn and let her just graze. Freedom got hay in the meadow. Figured she deserved to spend some time with me without having to work or even be groomed. She seemed to really enjoy that! Then this evening (Monday) I did groundwork with her. I worked Daisy on moving her forquarters as well as her hindquarters. She is not so good on her forquarters but her hindquarters she has down pat. We also trotted some circles as well as backed up some. Beyond that I didn't do much. Then I loved on Freedom a bit and got him to pick up his hooves. He did really good with that as well as standing quite nicely while I put his blanket on! Little sweetheart :D Tomorrow we shall see what all we end up doing :) Have a great week!

Above and below are my two new favorites of Daisy
7 month old Freedom

Enjoy the pictures :) Took them today!

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