Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday!

Sunday: I did get to ride Sunday then although I didn't ride Daisy. Rose Mary went riding with me and she rode Daisy while I rode Magic. He is owned by the owners of the barn. He is a lot like Curly although twice as bad. He is SO laid back and slow and not stubborn but doesn't like to be told to go faster :D He did well for me though. Magic has the absolute neatest trot ever and he is awesome when you canter him (when he does). Rose Mary seemed to enjoy riding Daisy. We mostly walked and rode for about 50 minutes :) It was quite the nice evening to ride as well!! After we got back I brushed Daisy and put her back out in the meadow.

Monday: I didn't ride on Monday like I planned to because I was just goofing off and not doing much. I did love on the horses and groom them :)
Tuesday: This evening I worked with Daisy in the roundpen a bit and she did quite well with doing everything I asked. We then went into the barn and I groomed her. I took her out to the meadow and then I got Freedom out and groomed him and worked with him on lifting his hooves up. Hoping to ride tomorrow. Have a wonderful rest of the week!!

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