Thursday, November 8, 2012

Trust in the Lord and Thursday's Ride!

Some trust in chariots, and some in horses: but we will remember the name of the Lord our God. -Psalm 20:7

This is something to think about :) God won't forget his people..all he asks is that we TRUST in HIM :)

Wednesday I didn't ride due to doing the weekly cleaning here at home and then having church in the evening.

Thursday: I did ride though today. It wasn't a terribly long ride but I worked Daisy on stopping, starting and responding to my leg, seat and rein aides. I did work her in a circle somewhat and some things clicked for me that made it go better than it ever did before. Can't wait to try it in the daylight next time (did have two big lights but daylight will be better). I also trotted her out the lane and then stopped her and got her to do a turn on the forhand. I also was playing around with just getting her to turn using my legs as the only cue. She did amazing with that. Then I got her to do a turn on the haunches to the left. What I did was cue her to go left and left and left and kept making the circle smaller till I asked her to stop and go left and then she did the turn on the haunches. She never did that well before. I was so pleased. Then we worked on the circle a bit more did a turn on the haunches to the right the exact same way we did to the left and she did ok with that but better than ever before. I am quite pleased with how this evening turned out! These little training sessions go a long way. It is easy to forget that sometimes but in the long run they are worth it!! Hoping to go for a relaxing ride either tomorrow or Saturday. Both weather and time permitting that is!

After I rode Daisy then I brushed both her and Freedom. It was fun taking their blankets off and just spending time with them both in that way :) Freedom sure is getting to be a big boy. It is hard to believe this month he will be 7 months old! Anyway, have a good Friday and awesome weekend!

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