Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Caroling on Horseback, Some Bowing Lessons, Two Rides, and Snow!

Sunday: I have gone caroling on horseback before and it is quite an enjoyable experience!! That is what we did this past Sunday. There were about 13 horses I believe as well as people in the wagon and some walking. It was a nice sized group anyway. Daisy did quite well being in a group like that especially after not being in a group for such a long while. The singing was awesome and just doing something like that with the horses made it extra special ;) We did get rained on a bit but I don't believe it really dappened anyone's mood ;) Hoping you have a wonderful Christmas Season!!

Monday and Tuesday: I didn't do anything with the horses on Monday because of getting to bed later the night before I was tired :D and then Tuesday I wasn't feeling well.
Wednesday: Still not feeling well but I worked with Daisy on bowing. She did it 3 times really well. I praised her for that and let her eat grass while I went and loved on Freedom. Then I groomed Daisy and loved on her some more :) Hoping to ride this week some we shall see how I feel :)
Thursday: It was raining so I just loved on my horses and went home again!
Friday: I didn't ride on Friday either but did love on my horses a bit!
Saturday: Finally a ride :) Actually two of them!! First I got both horses out and groomed them. I saddled Daisy up and off we went for a ride with Freedom. We went for about a 20 minute ride. When we got back I put Freedom's blanket on and turned him out again. Then off I went with Daisy again for another 15 minutes or so. We did more trotting and some cantering instead of mostly walking like we did with Freedom. It actually was quite cold and not so nice to be out but we went anyway! :)
Sunday: I didn't feel well so no riding or anything..flu going around...I think everyone is feeling better now though!
Monday/Christmas Eve: I didn't ride like I had planned because my day got mixed up but we got SNOW!!! :) So happy about that!!

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