Sunday, December 16, 2012


Tuesday: I did ride on Tuesday. I had the snaffle bit along and planned to ride with the saddle but then when it came down to being cold and not having too long to ride I decided I am just going to go bareback. Also had to think that I haven't been riding much bareback so that is what I went for. I did a lot of trotting and I worked on a suppling exercise a friend sent me. Daisy did it quite well and it seemed to help a lot! Daisy was doing pretty well with the snaffle although I definitely see the work that needs to be done. I did some backing and I had very light pressure to back her and she backed right up!! The best she ever did. When we were almost back there was a pony in a pasture that started running and that got Daisy excited but beyond that it was an uneventful ride. :) Hoping to ride more this week. We shall see!

Wednesday: I just groomed Daisy and then worked a bit with Freedom on backing up and picking up his hooves. He is becoming quite the charming young man :D He loves to be given attention and just be right there with me. I loved on the made for a good evening!
Thursday: I didn't do all that much with the horses all except let them out on the yard to eat grass. They really enjoyed that! I also taught Daisy to bow. It wasn't too hard and she did it twice. I want to try it sometime again soon and see how much of it stuck :) I worked with Freedom on lifting his hooves. Tomorrow (Friday) the farrier comes.
Friday: This evening the farrier came this evening so that meant that I didn't ride. He also checked Freedom's hooves which didn't need any trimming since he lives on the meadow all the time :)
Saturday: I didn't have as much time today and so I just braided Daisy's mane in the diamond weave :) Going Christmas Caroling tomorrow at Fairmount with the horses so on Sunday I will just add some ribbons to the braid :) Loved on the horses a bit and then off to my youth thing!

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