Sunday, December 2, 2012

Food Pictures, Self Portraits, and Horses :)

more M&M's
Me ;)
Ready for the Oven
Finished Product
Cinnamon Buns in the making
ready for the oven
Finished Product
Here is where I found the idea for the Snowman Cookies:

Saturday: I didn't ride but I did take LOTS of pictures :) I was enjoying my camera and playing with it. For the first time ever I used my tripod and took are the evidence of that :) Turned out way better than I dreamed!!
Magic, Rose Mary, Daisy, and Ruth Ann
Sunday: My sister and I went for a 40 min ride today :) She rode Magic (the people where I board own him) and I rode Daisy. It was quite fun and enjoyable. Even got some good pictures of us riding..hehe we used my truck as the tripod :D Here is one picture (above..will post more later this week)

Hope you enjoyed the photos!!

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