Saturday, December 1, 2012

Tuesday's Groundwork, Wednesday thru Friday and a Sneak Peak!

Tuesday: I worked Daisy on doing a turn on the haunches from the ground to fine tune it so when we do it from the saddle it goes more smoothly. She did a lot better this evening than she did last evening :) Also worked on her backing up. I didn't work her terribly long because it had snowed today and I didn't get up to the horses till later. So I let her eat grass while I got Freedom out and led him around. Got him to back up and worked on picking up his hooves. He can be quite the little gentleman if he wants to be ;) Hoping to work on more things with Daisy tomorrow and possibly Freedom as well!
Wednesday: This evening I gave Daisy a break. She was at the gate of the meadow when I got there so I took her blanket off and groomed her. She stood nicely without me tieing her which had me quite proud of her. The last time I had to work to get her to stand nicely there ;) Once I groomed her I put her blanket on and fed them grain and hay ;) Tomorrow back to the groundwork again!
Thursday: Well I didn't do groundwork...I just said hi to my horses then came back home to my lovely warm house and warm hot chocolate. It was nice and cold out and didn't feel like being cold :D
Friday: I had really planned to do groundwork but really really wanted to bake so I ended up baking and it took longer (also started later) than I planned so that made it that I just loved on my horses and came home again. I did get good pictures though of my food ;)
Here is a sneak peak...more pics coming!
Something to think about..check it out:

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